The framework for the “Rethinking Malaria in the Context for COVID–19” global engagement was first introduced during a public webinar series convened by the WHO’s Global Malaria Programme from September 3–4, 2020.

“Responding to the Double Challenge of Malaria and COVID-19”

The recent stalling of global progress on malaria has been further compounded by COVID-19. How can countries safely maintain essential malaria services during the pandemic? What actions are needed now to secure a strong footing for future success in tackling malaria and other urgent health challenges?

The webinars took stock of the current situation in countries affected by both malaria and COVID-19, including successes, pain points, best practices, and lessons learned. On Day 1, participants heard from country-based experts about the incredible work that has been done to maintain critical malaria services. Their shared insights informed the discussions on Day 2 with national and global health leaders.